Describe your Startup?

Seshu Karthick started his company Dimensions Co in the marketing domain in the year 2011. This startup is bootstrapped and headquartered in Chennai.

What is the inspiration behind your Startup?

Drive innovation to solve problems.

What would be the one thing you would do, if you are given the opportunity to start over?

Stick to one initiative at a time… and pursue it until you get it done.

Tell us why you think your product is special? 

We apply industry’s best marketing practices at affordable costs, and maintain transparency all through. I also consider my learning and work experience in the United States for 7 long years instrumental in shaping up our work culture.

Can you share one of the crucial customer problems that you solved?

Increase brand visibility and sales.

What is your primary product and who is your target market?

Our primary service is Digital and Tech-driven Marketing service. Our target market is Small & Medium Enterprises.

Which marketing channel suited your business and how strong were your growth metrics?

Word of Mouth Marketing and Networking worked best for me. We’ve worked with 100+ clients across 4 continents.

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